3. Classmates, yeap, that is all.

Classmate, maybe that’s all we’ll ever be. Not even blockmates because you’re of a different course. 

I don’t remember so well when I had started talking to you, all I know was that you had braces and you were cute and seemed friendly so I did and I was right, you even let me give you a nickname. 

You didn’t know my name at first and I laughed at that, and at you, you were asking everyone what my name was and when someone finally did you were grinning so wide I wanted to pat on the back whoever gave my name. 

I make it a point to make you smile everytime I see you, you have a great smile. 

But you’re two months in of a relationship and I’m not a wrecker unlike someone I know. But that’s another story. 

Your smile is great, I wish in your eyes I am, too. But no matter what, let’s stay friends, yes?

xo, m.